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Begin Your Stay in Our Spa in Upstate New York

Lose the tension and stress of your day with relaxing spa services available immediately when you arrive in the new Spa, located in the Potter house. Alternatively, enjoy a personal spa getaway in the luxury of our inn during your stay. Our nationally certified massage therapists bring a caring touch, dedication, and experience in therapeutic massage. Enjoy the perfect close to your spa experience with a reservation for a private soak in our outdoor Jacuzzi tub (see below for details).

The touch of our professionals relaxes the body, stimulates the mind, and renews the soul. You will never forget this spa getaway near Ithaca at The Inn at Gothic Eves, and we hope that when you leave you will want to return again and again.

Serenity Room and Oxygen Bar

 The Serenity room is a quiet intimate space to restore your energy.  Comfortable chairs, with soft throws, pillows, ottomans to put up your feet and spend endless time without a clock or a cell phone.  Yes, you leave the cell phone at the door so no one’s busy life can enter and distract the tranquility of the room.  

The oxygen bar is located in this room with comfortable chaise lounges to enjoy while you take in 92-98% O2 to relieve you of your stress and give you a boost of energy.  This spa treatment has been recognized to have many health benefits.  The experience is unique to every individual and will leave you with a subtle euphoric feeling and ready to meditate or enjoy the restful state of your own body.  Add-on treatments can be enjoyed while receiving your O2.  Foot or back massages, or chair massage before during or after treatment are recommended and will give you an added sense of relief from your stress.  We encourage the o2 bar on entering the room so you can begin the healing silence inside and spend the rest of the day in peace.  If your idea of relaxation is sitting outside with the sun on your face, then the slate terrace with comfortable outdoor furniture is also available to you.

 Day passes can be purchased to enjoy this room.  The o2 bar is $1/minute and not to exceed 20 minutes.  An O2 nose piece is purchased separately and can be taken home to be used again on your next visit.  Add-ons are also $1/minute with a minimum of a 15 minute session.  


Our spacious 2- person corner sauna will allow you to  lean back and put your feet up.  Far Infared (FIR)  saunas are the newest and most comfortable way to enjoy the benefits of receiving heat for healing purposes.  It is causing quite a buzz in the wellness market and current research indicates reasons for optimism regarding their efficacy in promoting health and wellness.   A FIR sauna uses heaters that emit infrared light, which the body absorbs through the skin’s surface. The FIR sauna heats the body from the inside out, raising core temperature and causing profuse sweating, while the temperature of the air in the sauna itself rises to a significantly lower degree than standard saunas.  A 20 minute treatment will relieve stress, warm your core to start the sweating process and a cool shower following this treatment is the sweet end to the experience.

Benefits of sauna treatment:

  • Flushing out toxins in the body
  • Lowering blood pressure and relaxing muscles
  • Joint pain, and stiffness  associated with some diseases
  • Staving off an oncoming cold, or shortening its duration
  • Improving skin tone and reducing signs of aging
  • Aiding weight loss

Therapeutic Massage for Women and Men:

We can customize massages to your needs.

Massage: A Swedish deep-tissue, full-body massage for increased circulation and relaxation. You may combine this massage with a deep tissue massage focusing on troublesome areas. > 60 Minutes: $95 > 90 Minutes: $142.50

Couples Massage: Enjoy a massage with someone special; your partner or a family member with whom you would like to share quality time. > 60 Minutes: $190 > 90 Minutes: $285

“Four You” Massage: Enjoy this special massage as two therapists work to remove the tension from your body, creating an unforgettable experience. > 60 Minutes: $155 > 90 Minutes: $232.50

Hot Tubs:

Don’t forget to reserve a soak in one of our two private outdoor Jacuzzi tubs! This is one of the most popular services available at the inn, so we require that you schedule your use before you arrive, especially if you would like to soak on your first evening with us. To reserve your time, click “Enhance your Stay” on our Reservation page. Every evening, before 7 PM, we provide a short tutorial, which is required to use the tubs. Soaks can be scheduled after 3 PM, but our most popular times are 7, 8:30, and 10 PM. This experience is an additional $25, but we promise it is one you will not soon forget!

For an appointment please call The Inn at Gothic Eves at 607-387-6033

Visit The Spa at Gothic Eves at 118 East Main Street, Trumansburg, New York.

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