It’s almost time for a film festival of a different nature!

March 31 – April 6, 2014 finds the 17th Annual Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival (FLEFF) at Ithaca College!

What in the world is a FLEFF?  The organization studies and supports sustainability in all areas of life and explores links between land, water, air, food, health, disease, education, technology, diversity, war, disease… you name it!  And the focus isn’t just here in the US, but is of a worldwide concern.  The annual FLEFF brings all of these things to light, right here in our own backyard at Cornell University and Ithaca.

Even though this is a “Film Festival” in name, the festival actually celebrates a wide variety of arts including media/film/music, fine arts, performance, journalism, and more.  During the event you’ll find concerts, workshops, speakers, film screenings, workshops, working labs, and parties.  A set of online creations, accessible from computer, mobile device, or both, is also expected to go online at the end of March.  The event will also highlight winners of the Dissonance Project, a writing contest for students.

Each year, FLEFF features a theme.  For 2014, the theme is Dissonance, studying those uneasy feelings and situations that place you on that fine line between comfort and rage.

During this year’s event, more than six dozen films will be available for viewing in three locations (Cornell Campus, Cornell Cinema, and Cinemapolis).  SIX DOZEN!  Movies can be seen one at a time for $9.50 per film, or a 5-pass is also available at a discounted rate.  Check the FLEFF website for the event’s yet-to-be-announced schedule and admission fees (when applicable – many of the activities are free).

So if you like to think, if you like your horizons to be broadened, and if you enjoy exploring all sides of an argument, FLEFF is the place for you this spring!  Prepare to be entertained, prepare to be challenged, and prepare for an expansion to your awareness.  Want a perfect setting to discuss/debate topics after a day of thought challenge?    The Inn at Gothic Eves has a living room, game room, and dining area (for oval-table discussions?) for gathering.  Of course, if you would rather calm the fervor, turn up the temperature in one of our relaxing Jacuzzi tubs and let harmony overtake Dissonance – for the evening, anyway!